ZimZam Global uses a Leader-Based Strategy in countries around the world.


ZimZam Global is taking that strategy to a new level that is impacting church planting efforts in key areas.


The Leader-Based Strategy (LBS) uses the proven church planting chronological curriculum (creation to Christ) called “TruthSeekers.” This approach is designed to reach children with little or no background in the Bible, and it works well in global settings of illiteracy and oral-based learning.

764840a0-87c8-43b1-93f8-dfda765d3389The LBS focuses on partnerships with churches and other Christian organizations to fully train and equip their leaders for high-impact child evangelism and discipleship in weekly Awana clubs.  ZimZam Global works with these leaders to view their church multiplication efforts as a logical extension of engaging and empowering children — church planting remixed from the typical approach.  Birthed through meetings with church leaders in Zimbabwe and Zambia, the innovative concept is highly collaborative, and adaptable to nearly any cultural context … and led to the name ZimZam Global.