Church Planting Training



What is ZimZam Global Training?

Four Themes Come Together in this Unique Program


Vision for Church Planting through Children and Youth (5 sessions)

Foundational principles such as “God’s Heartbeat is for Children” and “Children’s Ministry: A Model of Servant-hood” challenge church leaders as to why ministry to children is something that deserves not only their attention but focus.

Practical Training in Children’s Ministry (9 sessions)

These practical sessions provide training in how to organize and run an outreach using the Awana Club format. Includes material dealing with Child Protection Issues and Ministering to Kids with Disabilities, which most African church leaders have never encountered before.

Principles in Church Planting (11 sessions)

These interactive sessions cover topics such as “Why Church Planting?” and “Cultivating a Healthy Church”.  Time is set aside for each church to develop and present their own church planting “Strategic Plan” to the group.

Leadership Development (3 sessions)

Based on Dale Burke’s book, How to Lead and Still have a Life, these challenging and informative sessions are for busy leaders seeking a balanced life in ministry, organizational leadership and family life.