A Church for Every Child​

About ZimZam

“If the church in Africa today evangelized, discipled and trained children on how to reach out to adults, the number of believers would increase exponentially and so will new church plants.”

ZimZam Global's Mission...


This initiative will:

  • Equip and develop leaders and church planters (includes evangelism,
    discipleship, leadership development and church planting).
  • Empower children and, through them, next generation churches.
  • Engage communities through the church as a spiritual AND a social center.

Partnership Based…

ZimZam Global is committed to carrying out the Great Commission in partnership with a network of churches in the U.S., national leaders, and other evangelical organizations. We recognize the biblical value of healthy partnerships with national leaders distinguished by mutual cooperation such that neither party loses its identity or ability to work toward its intended objectives. Healthy partnerships are built upon “home and away” relationship-building experiences and should be characterized by the avoidance of paternalistic attitudes and a willingness to share appropriately in ministry decisions that affect both parties.

The ZimZam Team…

Formed of longterm, missions-experienced leaders, the ZimZam Global leadership team brings a collective 80+ years of diverse missions and church planting  experience to their roles.

The team is committed to listen to and learn from local leaders and to develop together contextualized strategies designed to serve local people with the mission of “multiplying healthy churches among all peoples.”  In time, several pilot projects will be launched in different regions globally.

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