A Church for Every Child​


What those trained are saying about the impact of ZimZam Global’s Church Planting Remixed training program…

Below are comments by a few of the hundreds of leaders who have attended ZimZam Global’s Church Planting Remixed trainings in Zimababwe and Kenya:

The training program has been very profitable and eye opening in terms of emphasis on the value of children in church planting. I have been inspired not only to plant churches, but also to prioritize the place and importance of children, youth, and young adults. (Benjamin)

I just want to thank you for transforming my mentality when it comes to children and church planting. I have learned a lot from you guys and because of your teachings Zimbabwe is not going to be the same. There is going to be a serious revival in our nation through us, using the teachings and the principles you guys have given us. May God richly bless you. (Lynel)

We would like to thank ZimZam Global sponsors for giving us a powerful training that is going to transform our communities and our country as we shall implement what we have learned. We would like to say “thank you.” May the Almighty God bless you. (Pastor W.)

It was eye opening to learn how children can be instrumental in today’s church. Doing ministry with our children in planting churches and reaching communities. Personally, I now have a new understanding and great appreciation for children’s role in the church. Our African culture has always regarded adults as “the people” and children least of any church program. Thank you very much for such insight. I believe leaders’ perspective about children has been changed and we will be able to reach our communities more effectively. (Idah)

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