A Church for Every Child​

Here are resources that can make a difference for your ministry of church planting…   Keep watching for new additions!

How to Lead & Still Have a Life —


Pastor H. Dale Burke has helped leaders in North America and Africa cope
with the stresses of balancing work and home life with this excellent model of biblical leadership.

ZimZam Global uses this book in our Church Planting Remixed (CPR) training seminars.

Daily Encouragement in the Church Planting Journey —

A devotional for church planters from Dynamic Church Planting
International (DCPI). Click the image to read details and purchase on Amazon.

Rise Up Church – For Children and Youth!

ZimZam Global’s position paper on the unique place of children in church planting. 

The Story That Matters

This 64-page booklet explains the gospel in a chronological manner from creation to the cross. It is priced so that it can be given away in large numbers. Churches can present these booklets to visitors or they can be given out at concerts or church programs. Using line drawings and carefully controlled text, the core message of the Bible is explained in simple-to-understand English so that even someone who uses English as a second language can gain a clear understanding of the message.

Additional Recommended Resources:

The Lamb

Audience: All children, ages 4 and up. Enjoyed by many ages and backgrounds.

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The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

Audience: For those influenced by Christianity, whether Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox.

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All that the Prophets have Spoken

Audience: For those influenced by Islam, but not necessarily Muslim by belief.  25% different than The Stranger.

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By This Name

Audience: For those influenced by polytheism, pantheism, atheism, agnosticism or animism. Ideal for our postmodern, post-Christian, secular society. 60% different than The Stranger.

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