A Church for Every Child

“At least 300,000 Africans expected to die in pandemic: UN agency” 

Reuters News April 17, 2020  

“Now, economists and social activists warn that India is facing a severe humanitarian crisis…” Financial Times, April 29, 2020

The current news about the impact of COVID-19 in Kenya and India is more than just a news story for our sisters and brothers who live in these nations. 


After speaking with our Kenya Director Francis Kataka and leader Richard Chhetri in India, we were hearing first hand reports of the hunger crisis in both nations. Some families were going to bed hungry and after prayers and engaging with our team we believed God would have us engage in helping provide hunger relief during this pandemic.  Both Francis and Richard are connected with pastors of churches that give us an excellent network to distribute the food to families in need.

RELIEF HAS BEEN INITIATED AND THE NEED CONTINUES: We are grateful that when the initial crisis was shared the ZimZam Global team and our family of supporters they responded and enough food for a two week period is being distributed to nearly 200 families.

The need is ongoing and they need YOU! 

We have a network of trusted leaders who serve our Lord in churches through Kenya so you can be certain your gift will go directly to feeding these families. 


$30 FEEDS A FAMILY FOR TWO WEEKS Staples such as rice, beans, maize (corn) and cooking oil will be given to families along with soap and masks. 

❖ $120 feeds 2 families for a month. ❖ $500 feeds 17 families for two weeks. 

Help feed families by giving at: ZimZam Global – PO Box 72446 – Phoenix, AZ 85050.

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